insomnia woes

In a horror movie, everything bizarre happens such that the actors all eventually die and that’s the end. How they die is what makes the movies worth watching wether it’s the ghost slicing the body of a person into a beautiful symmetry or dragging the person’s body into a dark corner that the camera doesn’t show. It’s alwasy worth looking forward to. I don’y know if am a story teller of sorts but anyway. The day kicked off with numerous trips to the john. (sorry john) My body was in turmoil, my muscles ached and burned i could almost feel the end coming. I could barely walk and i would sit for a short while and then run to my freedom. The day dragged on with me barely living through it for i was almost lifeless. Darn laxatives!
Weird thing is when you’re sick and you need all the life you can get that’s when nightmares come in ten fold. I had to sleep early to give mind and body rest. I will forever loathe sleeping early because i eventually wake up in the middle of the night and try to milk the sleep out of the eyes until the twilight kicks in.
Considering my no longer pleasant trips to the john during the day, it was only natural that i was waking to relieve myself. I woke up with a start and listened for any unusual sounds in my room or even outside the house and the night was screaming out silence. Relieved that i was alone, yes i fear that ghosts are always nearby lurking around to cause mayhem. Bless their restless souls! I know by now you think am superstitious and if you read this at night *let’s out laugh* say your prayers mon ami! And i believe i have felt ghosts around before and so in my defence, i have experienced this before. I mouthed a prayer as is the custom when i wake up in the middle of the night and made my way to the toliet.
As a creepy night would have it, there was no electricity and in my haste i didn’t carry a torch. Alors, it was me and darkness but i felt safe for people were in the house. There better be no surprises i hoped.
On the toilet seat, having a ‘good time’ my bliss was interrupted by shoving in the toilet! Crap! I let out a panic laugh and convinced myself the paranoia was due to the over 40GB of horror movies i have watched with time. And i closed my eyes and i continues with my business. It was a mission impossible affair, i dare say. And then i heard a shriek as i felt something reach for my cheek. I yellped and I jumped off the seat like cat woman reborn, cleaned myself up and panic flew me to my room.
On reaching my room, i blindly tried to reach for the light switch and when my fingers found it, i sighed. Tic! And nothing! Tac tic! Again nothing. Electricity was still off. That’s when i heard a baby cry. At 3am, a baby was crying but wait- we had no baby in the house and so who was crying i pondered. I shivered as the cry became louder when i dived onto my bed. I felt my heart skip a beat as my stomach turned into knot. I broke a sweat and felt any ice cold tear drop down my back! Oh well i must be dreaming i thought to myself. But no, i was awake in my bed with eyes closed and my one hand trying to pull my blanket over my head as slowly and soundlessly as i hoped it was.
I listened again and the baby was whimpering-or so i thought. Then i thought to myself perhaps it’s the wild cats that sound like babies. Despite convincing myself that they were the ones, it didn’t deter my heart from pumping loudly in my chest. I was sure whatever was out there could hear it. I managed to pull the blanket over my head. Yay! Now i could look around under cover.
Then came the phone vibration at 3:15am shucks! My lucky night. i reached for the phone and it was a blank message from an unknown number! Great! My lucky night indeed. That’s when the growling in stomach started and the baby cries started again. By then my pillow was drenched with sweat.
My plan of looking around under cover wasn’t working as i couldn’t see anything. Oh well, there goes my life. I reached for my earphones and played Mizu album by pompi. What a losing game i was playing as my one ear was listening for any sounds. that’s when i mumbled some prayers and hoped that i would sleep. I closed my eyes and drifted in and out of sleep until….*black*


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